Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Zen of Ralph

Rather than put off blogging, as I do every night, about which I then feel guilty because I am not accomplishing yet another goal on my lengthy list of things to do in life, I'm going to mention our good friend Ralph, who is an example to be followed. This might actually serve as a nice lead-in to my previously-promised future blog entry "The Art of Doing Nothing" or "The Art of Moving Slow." 

Ralph is an artist living in Paris. He is a former model and a current vegetarian. Besides the fact that he is a thoughtful, loyal and caring friend, he is also the best example my husband and I have seen of Living Zen. (Our good friends Ed and Linda come in a close second, and they also happen to be good friends of Ralph and his partner, Patrice.) 

Ralph lets trouble pass over him like water rolling off of a duck's back. 

The Zen of Ralph is remaining calm amidst pressure, chaos, social dynamics, Paris traffic. 

The Zen of Ralph is letting go of tension, embracing the important things in life, counting your blessings, being grateful the baguette and cheese on your table.

The Zen of Ralph is accepting life as it is and not fighting it too much, which is totally contrary to my nature, and I am trying to change this, one minute at a time. 

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