Tuesday, October 1, 2013

@BordeauxKitchen -- Salad of the Day

Now that I live in Bordeaux, it's time to start learning, eating, sharing (and sipping a bit of wine now and then!)

I will begin to share some of daily life, tidbits learned about Bordeaux and life in general. Today it's just  a typical salad I made for myself today (there was no one else to share it with!) to demonstrate how easy it is to make a better salad than many restaurants, even in France!

At the store, I buy what looks good (everything!) At home, I have a "no wastage" policy, so I "use up" what I have in the fridge. I try to purchase organic (or "bio" as they say in Europe) products, which actually makes shopping in a large grocery store much easier; it narrows down the choices considerably, even in France. Luckily, the local hypermarché has a couple of "bio" aisles. I like to mix, so that comes in handy, when there are lots of ingredients to mix with!

Salad of the Day "Le Mixe Freshe" 
A mix of baby greens (red chard, spinach, mâche), walnuts, vine-ripened tomatoes, pieces of red and green bell pepper, chopped olives, sel de Guérande (fleur de sel or large grained salt -- so yummy on the tongue!)
Organic/Bio Ingredients in "Le Mixe Freshe:" Chives, chunks of Comté cheese, two hard boiled eggs ( still warm!), freshly ground pepper, and for the dressing, simply bio EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

Bon Appetit!

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