Friday, November 8, 2013

“Le Best of” Top10 Funniest French Car Model Names (that sound like the Seven Dwarves)

Living in France again now, my husband and I are reminded of this funny car name phenomenon. Take time to read each of these slowly and enjoy the images they evoke as you mentally graft these images to a car.

10. Lodgy

9. Clio

8. Jumper (a medium-sized utility van, also known as Boxer)

7. Berlingo (also called Partner)

6. Dokker

5. Nemo (also known as Bipper. Bipper? Really?)

4. Yaris (related to Dr. Seuss’ Lorax and Yottle)

3. Jumpy (also known as Expert or Scudo, it’s a compact car, the smaller cousin of Jumper)

2. Kangoo (A personal favorite name of ours. Also known as Express or Kubistar)

And our number one Funniest French Car Model Name is:

1. Twingo (Two steps from a Twinkie, what self-respecting car owner would…?)

Well, anyway, all in good fun!

PS- My plumber, an Irishman converted to Frencholicism, just drove up in his large utility van called Trafic. (Yes, that's spelled with one "f.") He says it’s the best-selling utility van in Europe. And, he says, at least it’s got a masculine name.

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